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v/ Inger Staun
Hvidemosevej 14
7830 Vinderup
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Welcome to Rakkerhuset's homepage


Rakkerhuset is a dollhouse museum, where you can admire the many beautiful  homemade dolls houses and the "persons" living in them.

As we no longer offer fixed opening hours you can should make an appointment before visiting us.

Tlf.: 97441762 – 60 39 55 75


Rakkerhuset is situated in wonderful surroundings with wood, lakes and moor.

The virgin nature invites to shorter or longer strolls.

The name "Rakker", which means the outcast  relates to the people, who lived here several years ago. They were dark eyed and -haired handsome people, who were said to come from eastern Europe.

They got all the work other people wouldn't even touch and at a very low salary. They were atheists and were allowed to have more than one wife, if they could afford it!

But come visit my place, and I will tell you more!


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